Fact: Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are the sexiest pair of sisters on the planet.

After walking the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway (the first siblings to ever do so), the two arrived arm in arm to the after party in matching, sparkling, sexy silver dresses.

Just, WOW.

They also made a model sandwich with their mom and bearer of blessed genes, Yolanda.Way to make the night even more memorable.

Bella Hadid made a stunning debut at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

The 20-year-old strutted down the storied catwalk at Paris' Grand Palais for the annual event, which was broadcast on Monday night.

Older sister Gigi Hadid got emotional during a pre-show clip, calling Bella her best friend and tearfully telling her 'I'm so proud.' 

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She looked as though she was trying to put him from her mind as she continued the walk to the end of the runway

 Now that's an entrance! Bella Hadid made a stunning debut at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Before she hit the glittering runway, Gigi spoke about how amazing it was to be back for a second year in a row - and to share the experience with Bella.

She said: 'I have watched the show every single year as a kid, so last year was so special to be able to do it. This year, joining me is my little sister!' 

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Celebs And Their Handbag

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Gigi Hadid strutted her stuff during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show taping on Wednesday, wearing two very sexy outfits. By the look of her face in the second one, you'd never know she was actually in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction. Can you spot what it is?

During the "Secret Angel" portion of the show, Gigi wore a lacy black bra and panty combination that featured a slew of straps over her abs. Unfortunately, one of the straps near the underwire of her bra snapped and half-heartedly flailed around during the rest of her time in the outfit.

Luckily for Gigi, there was so much going on with the ensemble, the little problem was hard to spot. After all, she was wearing enormous black feathered wings with trailing fringe and thigh-high lace-up boots along with her sexy lingerie. Safe to say, despite her costume issue, Gigi slayed her trip down the catwalk.

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “To each his own?” Very well, we think that this new Boy Chanel Braided Flap Bag is of our own liking no matter the divided opinions among fashionistas out there.

Well what makes it extra special from all the rest of Chanel’s signature flap bags? For one, it is a never-seen-before design that instant captured our eyes and attention. It channels a braid look instead of the usual diamond quilting we’re familiar with. The braid effect is quite perfect for the cold, crisp season that is forthcoming, that is, winter.

This boy bag is unlike the others as it has a bolder and fiercer look, more like urban-chic and sassiness for the tough lady in you. It also sports and features the newest Boy Clasp with dots around the CC. The chain strap is also something we love since it adds a touch of classiness to this bag.

The details:

Medium Boy Chanel Braided Flap Bag (old medium)
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7’ x 9.8’ x 3.1’ inches
Price: $4900 USD, €4650 euro, £3950 GBP, $39000 HKD

Small Boy Chanel Braided Flap Bag
Style code: A67085
Size: 4.7’ x 7.9’ x 2.8’ inches
Price: $4500 USD, €4150 euro, £3520 GBP, $34800 HKD




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Saint Laurent Monogram Saint Laurent Baby Cabas

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It’s not just black, it’s black all over, which is also the most striking feature on Saint Laurent’s new Monogram Saint Laurent Baby Cabas, a darling of a bag that measures 25 cm by 19 cm. Yes, it’s small, but that’s also why it’s adorable, your standard rectangular tote topped with 2 short top handles. Besides that, it also comes with an adjustable shoulder sling that’s also removable, which means you can wear it one of at least 3 different ways and that’s always a good thing, no?

Priced at SGD2890 for the one in this size, this bag also comes in Fog (a dusky grey), Red and Royal Blue, all of which are available at Saint Laurent boutiques at ION Orchard or Marina Bay Sands. For those who prefer something more substantial, this bag also comes in a Small. Priced from SGD3090 and up, you’ll find it Black or Fog and finished with gold-tone hardware that’s pretty charming as well too.

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Jennifer Lopez’s Designer Shoe Collection

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10 / 10

Valentino Rockstud Strass Camo Flats

Finally, just to prove that she doesn't actually live in heels, here's J-Lo leaving the movies in Calabasas in a pair of black, studded Valentino flats. Does it amuse you when easily recognizable actresses deign to visit their local cineplex? It always amuses me greatly.


Giuseppe Zanotti

The range will include crystal-encrusted open-toe booties, snakeskin gladiator heels and even a pair of embellished wedge sneakers (if anyone can bring them back, it's J. Lo).

Giuseppe Zanotti

In a statement, Lopez said: "The collection Giuseppe and I have created is everything you would expect from the both of us—bad ass high heels with shapes that are fierce and of course, have some sparkle!" Who isn't willing to try on a little sparkle in hopes of looking like J. Lo? Count us in.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Back when Rihanna's shoe capsule for Manolo Blahnik debuted, J. Lo wore the pair of denim thigh-high "9 to 5" boots in her "Ain't Your Mama" video. Maybe Bad Gal Riri will return the favor when J. Lo Giuseppe Zanottis hit stores?

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