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You know something is popular or is becoming popular when you start noticing them everywhere in your life. Remember Apple’s products like the iPods and iPhones?

Well, the Diorissimo must be one of the most favorite collections ever made. What do I mean by that? Let’s do a quick re-cap, shall we?

The Diorissimo Collection was launched under Dior’s spring 2012 Collection, it consisted only the ‘medium tote’. But before that, we only knew how to crave for the Lady Dior Bag or the Miss Dior Bag.

Then not long after, it went from the medium size tote to the small size tote. The collection followed with the ‘Diorissimo Chain Wallet Bag’, which we’ve featured yesterday.

Now get ready, because Dior is going to introduce something much more amazing, it will make your heart beat faster and eyes turn bigger, it’s the brand-new Diorissimo flap bag.

And maybe you have already seen it coming because we dropped a sneak peek a few weeks ago. It was the Diorissimo Flap Bag in white croco leather. Check out the Dior Cruise 2015 Bag Collection if you haven’t viewed yet.

One thing I am certain, you will love the brand-new colors. They are in white, black, croco yellow and red. It’s simple, streamlined and so pure, every element is imbued with the couture spirit of Dior. It’s the ultra feminine tote that you will love to carry in casual styles and even at work. The D.I.O.R. charm dominates the appearance and it’s beautifully crafted on the handle.

More information and details will be shared later on. This bag is from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, be patient because it hasn’t been launched yet.





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